R&D Chemist

At Helio displays, we're crafting the fundamental materials that will shape the future of displays. 

Using the power of perovskites, this enabling material facilitates the creation of displays that are not only brighter and more vibrant but also operate with remarkably low power consumption.

Our team is dedicated to pioneering the future of colour. As we accelerate, we are looking for talented individuals to join us on the next phase of our journey. 


  • Joining our talented Patterning team who is responsible for developing and processing our current and next generation products 
  • You will play a key role in the field of high resolution patterning, which in turn will advance our technology 
  • Develop perovskites ink formulations  for high resolution patterning
  • Characterisation of perovskites ink and patterns using optical and microscopy techniques 
  • Communicate and engage with internal and external stakeholders

Experience and attributes: 

  • Masters degree and 2+ years industry experience or PHD within chemistry, material science, polymer chemistry or related field 
  • Expert knowledge with organic or inorganic chemistry
  • Experience and knowledge within formulation chemistry, including knowledge of surfactants, emulsions, polymers, and coatings with experience with UV-curable polymeric materials, such as acrylics, epoxides, and siloxanes 
  • Cleanroom process experience, usually gained from your research or industry
  • Understanding of photolithography process
  • Hands-on experience with a range of materials characterisation techniques such as optical microscopy, optical absorption and photoluminescence 
  • The ability to approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset 
  • Taking the initiative to identify opportunities, propose new ideas, and drive projects forward 


  • Experience in colour conversion patterning for microdisplays  
  • Expertise within perovskites, quantum dots or nanoparticles
  • Industry experience would be an advantage 
  • Knowledge of Polymer materials  and/ or photoresist