Helio – every colour under the Sun

When it comes to revealing every colour that nature provides, nothing can compete with the Sun. It's the ultimate light source, freely available, but it's only available outdoors.

At Helio, we're developing new materials with tailored colour properties which will reproduce the full colour space that our eyes can see. We're also creating the technologies to use them in displays.

Next Generation Display

Our materials are designed to help the flat panel displays industry meet ever more ambitious targets for power efficiency and colour performance (e.g. BT-2020). 

These high quality emitters will:

  • Convert blue LED point light source into outstanding white backlight with great efficiency
  • Be calibrated to meet customers' specific requirements 
  • Accommodate wide industrial deployment 


A colour converting film, Heliofilm is compatible with blue LED point sources to generate the ultimate tricolor backlight for LCD displays.

It is the cost-effective answer to the current demand for high dynamic range (HDR) streaming content.


Our next generation product will release the full potential of LED backlit LCDs, blue OLED active matrices and microLED displays.

Instead of converting blue light into white, and then filtering out the RGB components to generate the desired colours, Heliopixel will convert the blue backlight directly into optimised green and red pixel-level emitters.

How Heliopixel delivers 70% more power efficiency for LCDs

In a conventional LCD, light originates from a blue LED and is converted to white light with phosphors. It is then filtered to make the red, green and blue light needed for the RGB sub-pixels which make up the image we see. The filtering works by blocking all unwanted colours and so considerable power is lost.

With in-pixel colour conversion, there is no white light step and blue light is directly available for the blue sub-pixels. The blue light is converted to red light and green light as appropriate in the red and green sub-pixels leading to a 70% increase in efficiency.

Perovskites have uniquely high light absorption which means that a thinner layer is needed to fully convert the blue light to red or green. Thinner layers mean faster and lower cost production processes, less material usage and easier optical design.


The full potential of our materials will be realised when launched as active materials for active matrix LED displays.

Without compromise on efficiency or colour quality, HelioLED is our vision beyond OLED and microLED displays.