In 2020, rapid TV panel innovation will drive extensive opportunities for light-emitting perovskite materials


2019 saw a step up in the pace of TV panel innovation that is set to continue in 2020. Although there is much debate on supply vs. demand for LCD with new G10 capacity ramping up, analysts are forecasting that HDR and wide colour gamut LCD will sustain a CAGR approaching 20% over the next few years[1].

Meanwhile, major developments are starting in QD-OLED which is a new architecture for OLED TV promising higher efficiency and lower cost than WOLED. Beyond LCD and OLED, there is continued investment and interest in µLED as a future display technology with high potential from power efficient wearables through to huge screens like Samsung’s 292” Wall. These major trends are driving extensive opportunity for next generation photoluminescent and electroluminescent display materials.

2019 was also an important year for Helio Display Materials as we started to build our world-class team and launched active development of light emitting perovskite materials. Founded with the active involvement and support of the globally leading academic groups at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of fundamental perovskite IP exclusively licensed from the founding academic teams. Perovskites are a materials toolkit with extraordinary properties. As an illustration of this, we were able to quickly match the PLQE of the highest performance quantum dots whilst being RoHS compatible and cadmium-free. The rapid commercialisation potential of perovskite materials is already being demonstrated by the solar cell industry in light absorption applications.

2020 will also be a big year for Helio as we continue to demonstrate how perovskites will enhance the brightness, efficiency and colour purity of LCD, OLED and µLED.

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In the meantime, have a wonderful and successful 2020!

Simon Jones

[1] Hendy Consulting